AI Foundation Acquires Lifekind to Continue Development of AI-native Humans

We are proud to announce AI Foundation’s acquisition of Lifekind, a leading creator of AI Persona of real people.

AI Foundation Acquires Lifekind to Continue Development of AI-native Humans

June 03, 2021



The AI Foundation, the leading developer of the world’s most-advanced AI-native Humans as a Service, announced today the acquisition of Lifekind, a leading creator of AI Persona of real people. As part of the acquisition, Lifekind Co-CEO and Co-Founder Bill Klein will join the AI Foundation team.

“Lifekind’s vision and mission is so closely aligned with ours that we believe we can work collaboratively to move even faster in our technology development and complement our teams’ work,” said AI Foundation Co-Founder and President Rob Meadows. “Klein and his team have an impressive background in the development of AI technology. Lifekind’s knack for marrying creative instincts with technical expertise will be an invaluable asset to us.”

Founded by Klein and Amanda Solosky, Lifekind (formerly Rival Theory) has developed AI Persona that represent real people. The company developed a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for digital human technology. Lifekind’s achievements include RAIN, a video game industry solution for creating autonomous characters used by over 100,000 studios worldwide, and Elise, the world’s first AI powered digital human in VR.

Most recently, Lifekind has worked to develop AI technologies that deeply resemble the thoughts, memories, behaviors, and interactive conversations of some of the world’s most amazing humans, including globally renowned speaker, author, and coach Tony Robbins. Lifekind’s investors included TechStars New York City Accelerator and Prime Movers Lab.

“I am proud to join the AI Foundation team and can’t wait to see where our collaboration takes us,” said Klein. “Our companies were on a creative collision course from day one. The applications of digital human technology are limitless. My role is to work with the talented people around me to unlock them.”

Klein joins the AI Foundation having dedicated his career to exploring Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Klein has more than 20 years of experience in software and Artificial Intelligence technology with the most recent five years focused on making digital humans a reality.  He received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of New Mexico.

With the addition of Lifekind, the AI Foundation will bolster its work on the development of AI-native Humans as an economic force in the commercial sector. The company works with high-quality enterprise organizations as consumer, business, brand behavior and expectations have moved faster towards accepting non-physical workers, a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The AI Foundation’s AI-native Humans help the creative and cognitive class of workers develop greater reach, flexibility, and availability in their work.

The company recently announced the launch of its Media Lab, led by new Chief Creative Officer Rami Hachache and in partnership with the creative studios Ventureland and PRETTYBIRD. The AI Foundation Media Lab brings the company’s AI-native digital human technology to marketers, influencers, and the wider entertainment industry.

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