The AI Foundation’s mission is to responsibly move the world forward by giving each of us our own AI that shares our personal values and goals.

Bringing the potential of AI to Everyone

We are a dual commercial and non-profit organization with a single vision: To bring the potential of AI to everyone in the world so we can all participate fully in the future.

Our capabilities help build a future beyond the limits of today.

Extend Human Potential
Build AI interfaces and creative applications that unlock ways for people to do more, not avatars that replace human endeavors.
Develop Sustainable Solutions
Bridge industry research silos and develop holistic tools that ensure AI does not harm people or society.
Democratize AI Ownership
Our users own the AIs they create, putting power in the hands of people, not tech giants
Top AI Researchers & Scientists
A collection of the world’s best innovators and thinkers, and collaborations with the top AI research institutions have put AI Foundation at the helm of the most advanced digital human AI technology available.
Join Founders Fund , Verizon , The Brandtech Group , M Ventures , OVO , Abstract , Alpha Edison , Correlation , Endeavor , Deepak Chopra ,
Cyan Banister ,
Biz Stone ,
Terry Dougas ,
Charles King ,
in bringing AI to everyone.

Protecting the Future

Sustainable AI & Responsibilty

Going beyond pure research or, contrastingly, the short-term profit-led motive, the AI industry needs a space to collaborate, educate, empower, establish guardrails, and acknowledge long-term impact on humanity. Learn more about our non-profit initiatives and help make an impact.

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